17 June 2010

Sugarhill Gang

Tonight the Sugarhill Gang came to the Fabrik in Hamburg and so I went there to photograph these 50+ Rappers.
I respect them for still being up to performing on stage and touring the world. The cash must be right, one of them dudes was dressed in all Luis Vui, looking like a too old Wayne. Maste Gee is an anabolic monster and talks too much. Well.
"Rapper's Delight" is also more or less the only song everybody knows. Everything lese sounded like a pulp of the same shit, and when they played "The Message" everybody went crazy and I was mad. They can't do this! Anybody, but not the Sugarhill Gang!
Anyway, these gentlemen will never lose their veteran status and I dont even wanna say nothin. I mean, I was there for pictures too.
Love, Unity and Having Fun, right?!

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Sugarhill Gang

18 June 2010
Hamburg, Germany

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