31 October 2010

Faces of Hip Hop

sometimes, when i should be working on something else, or sleeping, i feel like digging out some old pictures. here are a few portraits that were taken at splash and Hip Hop Open Festivals in 2008.
Sean P., Saigon, M.O.P, Samy Deluxe, Kool Savas, Azad, Yarah Bravo, Promoe (of Looptroop), The Cool Kids, Little Brother, Dizzie Rascal, Shaggy, D.I.T.C., Umi, Dead Prez, PhreQuincy, Das Bo, Animus, Ercandize, Olli Banjo, D-Flame, Staiger, Prevail, Die Orsons, Harris, Bintia

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splash! Festival 2008
Hip Hop Open 2008

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