12 August 2012


it was half past 2 am and i just wanted to pass out. i am getting old. so i am sitting on those stairs staring at SKREAM doing a great show which i just didnt have the energy to wild out for. "let's go". "nah, i just have to see joey bada$$, mane!". 20 past 3 i gave up. just to realize he was playing at a different stage than where i had been waiting. i missed 2/3 of the show. it was 10 great last minutes, for maybe the only person who knew who that young lord on stage was. with his fruity companion cj fly. there were like 15 others in that tent, scattered around. seems like some festivals are just dead at this time of the night. the inhaled amount of greenery in combination to hip hop might be one of the reasons why. light was whack. nobody cared. however, joey bada$$ is dope as fuck. i felt sorry for him. check him out if you havent.

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splash! Festival 2012
Ferropolis, Germany

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