13 April 2016

Playboi Carti

This event was mad. NTS radio celebrated their 5th birthday and every 5th person at this event was wearing very fashionable baby pink colored clothes. The mosh bruise on my leg is purple-yellow a week later now and reminds me of Yams' birth mark which Playboi Carti's birthmark kinda reminds me of, too. It was so hot in this place that the camera lens was constantly steamed up. I took some 35mm photos too and can't wait to develop them.

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Playboi Carti

06 April 2016
Efes Snooker Bar, London

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  1. Great event it was from how you how you have broken it down on your article. The photo is great although you mentioned the place was too hot thus making the camera lense to steam up!